Afsaneh Abrilahij is a PhD student of psychology at the University of Luxembourg, Integrative Research Unit on Social and Individual Development (INSIDE). She completed her Master’s degree in psychology (evaluation and assessment) at the University of Luxembourg. Her master thesis focused on a systematic review of self-care assistive technologies (ATs) in older people: their effectiveness and facilitators and barriers to use them.

She is currently working on her PhD thesis exploring the use perspectives of assistive technologies in older people, action theoretical approaches to this topic and cultural psychological perspectives. Among her research interests are positive developments in older people (with functional limitations) via using ATs. She is also collaborating on a part of MinD project which focuses on technology design for dementia.

Research interests
Assistive Technologies
Life-span Developmental Psychology
Cultural Psychology
Older People
Action Perspectives on Human Development
Elder Care
Subjective Well-being