I am a sociologist interested in social stratification patterns, mobility effects and inequalities. Other research interests include statistical analysis and quantitative methods for cross-sectional and longitudinal data, labor market dynamics and educational credentials.

I joined the Research Unit INSIDE in September 2018 as a Ph.D. student. My doctoral project, under the supervision of Prof. Robin Samuel, aims to deepen the understanding related to social mobility effects on health inequalities.

The doctoral project addresses:

  • the current methodological concerns in the literature of social stratification,
  • the implications of up- and downward mobility considering individual conditions (i.e. educational level, occupational status, and income), 
  • how macro-structural institutions affect the inequality of opportunity on health.

Prior to joining the University of Luxembourg, I obtained an M.Sc. in Sociology and Social Research (Social Inequalities) at the University of Trento in March 2018. My Master Thesis focused on the time-varying and joint mechanism of: a) radical shift of the mode of economic production and b) educational stratification on income inequalities in China.


Research interests
Social Stratification
Social Mobility
Health Inequalities
Statistical Analysis
Quantitative Methods
Biosocial Data

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