Anja Leist is Associate Professor in Public Health and Ageing at the University of Luxembourg. Since her PhD studies in Psychology at the University of Trier, Anja has published research on ageing, in particular cognitive ageing and dementia, from a social epidemiological and life course perspective. She had postdoctoral research stays at the universities of Luxembourg, Zurich/Switzerland, and Rotterdam/Netherlands, and was funded by national and European-level competitive postdoctoral fellowships. Anja was awarded a grant by the European Research Council in 2018 (2019-2023; 1.15 mio. EUR) to pursue innovative research on cognitive aging from a social and behavioral (risk reduction) perspective, with a focus on inequalities related to education and gender, and using machine learning techniques.

Anja was among the 'emerging leaders in dementia' below age 35 selected by UK SIN in 2014/15. Since then, she has been contributing to forming and consolidating the network of World Young Leaders in Dementia (WYLD) that is now spanning 29 countries and 250+ members in the fields of dementia research, care, and innovation. She is elected Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America, and member of the Methods in Longitudinal Research on Dementia (MELODEM) initiative. She serves as expert on the topics of dementia, health politics, and ageing on several advisory boards, committees, and working groups.


Research interests
Life Course
Machine Learning
Cognitive Function
Technology and Ageing

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At the heart of the COVID-19 task force
On April 9, 2O2O, the COVID-19 task force launched the CON-VINCE scientific study with the aim of evaluating the spread of COVID-19 infection in the Luxembourg population. The study looked at people with few or no symptoms. A representative sample of no less than 1,800 people answered a questionnaire, underwent a nasal and oropharyngeal swab followed by PCR-based virus test and ELISA-based serology tests. Psychologist and Associate professor in Public Health and Aging at the University of Luxembourg, Anja Leist joined the research team. Today she shares her experience at the heart of the COVID-19 task force.