Anna Jagoš completed her master studies in history and archival sciences at the Masaryk-University in Brno and obtained her PhD in auxiliary historical sciences in 2015. She worked as junior researcher at the Masaryk University and on the Regesta Imperii at the Institute for Medieval Studies at Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. From 2016 until 2021 she was a post-doc researcher at the University of Luxembourg, including an FNR Core Junior stipend. Her fields of research are diplomatics and paleography, history of High and Late Medieval Central Europe, dynastic networks and marriage policy as well as gender and women’s history.


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Research interests
High and Late Middle Ages
Gender Studies
Medieval Monarchies

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FEMPOW – Female power. The ruling practices of royal consorts descending from the House of Luxembourg (1292-1442)
The Regesta Imperii are a monument of scholarship that goes back to 1829. More than 100 volumes of medieval documents relating to the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire have been published (since 2001 also online). But these were all about male rulers.