Aurita Zega is a research and development specialist. She contributes to the CET project. The project financed by CET, Centre pour L’Égalité de Traitment, scrutinizes migration experiences of EU citizens in Luxembourg.

She graduated in Master and Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Trier University in Germany and Bachelor of Science in Theology from Duta Wacana Christian University in Indonesia. She was awarded scholarships from the Alliance of Reformed Churches in Vienna, Switzerland, and the Indonesian Christian Church in West Java, Indonesia.

Prior to joining University of Luxembourg, she worked as a journalist and a recruiter in the online magazine A & O for business psychology. During her psychology study, she did a research traineeship at the Institution for Developing and Promoting High Talent at the Trier University, Germany.

Research interests
Individual Resilience
Motivational Psychology
Cross-cultural Psychology
Personality Psychology
Health psychology
Educational Psychology
Educational Theology