Béatrice Arend is Senior Lecturer at the University of Luxembourg since 2006. She has a PhD in Social Psychology (University of Nancy 2). Prior to her doctoral studies, she studied Linguistics and French Literature (DEA, University of Strasbourg). During several years, she had a teacher position (French Language and Literature) in Luxembourgish Secondary School.

Referring to bakhtinian Dialogism in accordance with a Conversation Analysis informed approach, her research addresses primarily the question of how people organise interactional work and common understanding of that work by communicating. This interest and her prior experience as a teacher have led her to conduct research on joint activities in learning contexts.

She relies on video to construct data and adopts an extended conversation analytic approach focusing on participants' multimodally embodied conduct during interactions.

Her research interests and her background have provided the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary work and to develop expertise in technology mediated interaction analysis.

Research interests
Multimodally embodied interaction
Technology mediated interaction
Conversation analysis
Video analysis
Learning contexts
Bakhtinian dialogism
Multilingual classroom activities