Sociologist Boris Traue joined the University of Luxembourg in February 2020 as Professor of Social Work and Social Pedagogy. He currently serves as Head of the Institute for Social Research and Interventions (ISI) as well as the Director of the Bachelor en sciences sociales et éducatives (BSSE). 

His works on the making of the modern self through psychosocial interventions, the transformation of social relations through media of communication, and the relevance of amateur practices delineate the power of institutions, technologies, and collective action in shaping the knowledge and agency of individuals, collectives and organizations. Recent books and special issues include Das Subjekt der Beratung (Transcript, 2010), Handbuch Interpretativ Forschen (Beltz Juventa, 2018), Visibilities and Visual Discourses. Re-thinking the Social with the Image (special issue of Qualitative Inquiry, 2019). He is co-editor of the book series Studies in Subjectivation (Springer).

His current research focuses on participatory processes and pedagogies as well as on relational social theories and methodologies. He also continues to study the transformation of social work and other psychosocial interventions from the perspective of discourse analysis and the study of interaction and communication.

Research interests
Psychosocial Services
Governmentality Studies
Participatory and Inclusive Pedagogies
Visuality and Music
Social Theory
Social Science Methodologies