Céline Zimmer was raised in Luxemburg and studied Architecture in Trier (Hochschule Trier) and Hamburg (Hafen City Universität). After her graduation in 2019, she started working at Studio Hertweck, and is currently working at the University of Luxemburg as a PhD student. Her interest in architecture started very early when she visited the construction sides of her father as a little girl. During her studies, her interests exceeded the small scale of architecture and she began to get involved in urbanism themes. During her master studies in Hamburg, interdisciplinary work with urban designers, urbanists and civil engineers was part of her study program.

Her work as PhD student at the University of Luxemburg includes working on the IBA-Atelier, which has been established to develop a transboundary IBA (Internationale Bauaustellung) in the region of Esch-Belval.

The research for her dissertation addresses the prevailing Luxembourg housing crisis. The PhD project aims to outline architectural answers to the increasingly dramatic situation and to find new ways to create as much housing space as possible, whilst sealing as less land as possible and without neglecting the local mentalities and the demands of the population. The goal is to design high-quality forms of living enabling a more economical, ecological and at the same time more conscientious occupation of the finite resource of space.

Research interests
Luxembourgish Housing Crisis
Communal Living
Housing Typologies
Demographical Growth
Spatial Economy