Charles Joseph

I am a professor in the field of learning and educational technology. I joined the University of Luxembourg in 2003 as an assistant professor in educational sciences and was appointed professor for “Learning with Educational Media” in 2007.

My research examines the ways how smart technologies impact on the contextual dynamics of learning, working, communicating and living together.
Putting interaction, mediation and multi-modality at the centre, my research is focussing on  

  • technology enhanced learning inside and outside formal schooling contexts,
  • human interactions with and through smart devices and artificial agents such as robots, chatbots…
  • new forms of cultural expression and technology mediated participation,
  • processes of communication and community building across cultural borders mediated by social media and digital technologies.

My studies on learning, development and change are framed by socio-cultural, interactional and cultural-historical perspectives. Moreover, I also express a strong concern about the development of qualitative and process-oriented research methods in my field of inquiries.

Research interests
Technology-enhanced Learning
Cultural-historical Activity Theory
On-line Learning Processes
Multimodal Data