Christiane Meyers has been working as a research specialist in the field of youth research at the University of Luxembourg since 2007. She is a member of the Centre for Childhood and Youth Research (CCY) within the Department of Social Sciences.
Her main interests in youth research include non-formal learning, youth work, social and political participation and youth engagement.
Christiane holds a Diploma in Education from the University of Trier and a DEA in Sociology from the University of Nancy. After a temporary appointment at the Ministry of Youth in Luxembourg, she has been a researcher at the Centre d'Etudes sur la Situation des Jeunes en Europe (CESIJE) since 1999 and has conducted numerous studies on the situation of youth in Luxembourg.
Besides being involved in the three youth reports on the situation of youth in Luxembourg (2010, 2015 and 2020), she has carried out several studies for the Local Youth Plans in Luxembourg municipalities. Since 2007, she has been the Luxembourg research partner in the RAY network (Research-based analysis of European youth programmes).

Research interests
non-formal learning
youth work
social participation
political participation