Christina Siry is professor of learning and instruction, and her research examines how young children develop and transform their science understandings through multilingual, multimodal interactions in schools. She has several lines of research that focus on the intertwined areas of science learning and learning to teach science, particularly at the primary and early childhood levels. Together with her research team, she investigates the ways in which young children interact with peers, teachers and materials as they engage in science lessons.

Grounded in critical perspectives, Christina’s work focuses on the necessity of incorporating multiple perspectives in research, and she draws upon collaborative pedagogies and participatory methodologies as tools for transforming science teacher education and science education. She is co-editor of the journal Cultural Studies of Science Education, and her work has been published in numerous international journals, including the International Journal of Science Education, Research in Science Education, Science Education, and Teaching and Teacher Education, among others. Most recently she has co-edited the book Critical Voices in Science Education: Narratives of Hope and Struggle, published by Springer.

One of her current projects is the Science Teacher Resource Center (SciTeach Center) on the Belval campus, which provides resources and continuing education opportunities to support primary school teachers in teaching science. Using a foundation of sociocultural theories, she and her team work with teachers to explore the emerging possibilities for drawing on the many diverse resources plurilingual students bring to the classroom.

Research interests
Science Education
Early Childhood Science
Primary Teacher Education
Science in Multilingual Contexts
Multimodal Methods

Latest content Christina Siry took part in

Education & Social Work
Kuck elei! Digital Mikroskope fir Léierpersonal
Supporting primary teachers and students in exploring microworlds with digital microscopes.

This project supports the integration of innovative digital hand-held microscopes in science instruction in Luxembourg primary classes through the offering of a set of research-based science education workshops for teachers. In this way, this project will support teachers in engaging their students in discovering and investigating the microlevels of the world in which they live through the use of digital hand-held microscopes.
Faculty Blog
Discovering science phenomena at home through fun activities
With schools in Luxembourg currently closed, parents have to immerse themselves in their little one’s schoolwork. Multiplication tables, grammar, spelling, all this may not always bring back pleasant memories to parents and caregivers. Fortunately, there is one subject that allows for fun while learning: science. The SciTeach Center released a series of fun activities to stay curious about science phenomena, geared towards children and families at home due to COVID-19.
Education & Social Work
The SciTeach Centre: A Hub for Innovation and Research in Science Education in Luxembourg
The SciTeach Centre at the University of Luxembourg works with teachers and experts in science education to research innovative approaches to teaching science in the unique educational context of Luxembourg’s primary schools.