Christoph Niepel conducts and coordinates research  on motivation, personality, and assessment (mainly) in educational psychology. He holds a PhD supervision rights at the University of Luxembourg and a PhD in psychology (University of Trier, Germany). Christoph Niepel has received an approx. 600,000€ in grant funding and worked as a visiting scholar in Australia, Germany, Norway and the US.  

He has published in several high-ranking scientific journals and served as associate editor (Thinking Skills and Creativity), editorial board member (Journal of Educational Psychology), and multiple times as guest editor. 

Research interests
Educational Psychology
Learning & Personality
Academic Motivation
Academic Self-Concept
Instructional Quality
LGBTQ Psychology
Experience Sampling

Latest content Christoph Niepel took part in

Behavioural & Cognitive Sciences
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Three researchers from the Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences are conducting a survey to understand the psychological and behavioral effects that the COVID-19 might have on people in the United-States.