Christoph Niepel has a permanent research scientist position within the Computer-Based Assessment (CBA) research group, where he conducts and coordinates research on motivation, personality, and assessment (mainly) in educational psychology. He holds PhD supervision rights at the University of Luxembourg and a PhD in psychology. Christoph Niepel has received an approx. 600,000€ in grant funding and worked as a visiting scholar in Australia, Germany, Norway, and the US.
He has published in several high-ranking scientific journals and served as associate editor (Thinking Skills and Creativity), editorial board member (Journal of Educational Psychology, incoming), and multiple times as guest editor. 
Within the CBA group, Christoph Niepel is principal investigator of the DynASCEL project and acting principal investigator of the enhanCe project. 

Research interests
Educational Psychology
Learning & Personality
Academic Motivation
Academic Self-Concept
Instructional Quality
LGBTQ Psychology
Experience Sampling

Latest content Christoph Niepel took part in

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