Claude Houssemand is Full Professor in Cognitive Differential Psychology at the University of Luxembourg. After obtaining a PhD in cognitive differential and educational psychology at Nancy 2 University (France), he held a position as head of unit (Training, Education, and Work)  at the CEPS/INSTEAD (Luxembourg), and helped to integrate the Centre Universitaire into the University of Luxembourg. 

Currently, he is head of the Department of Education and Social Work  and head of the Institute of Lifelong Learning and Guidance which is investigating, among others, cognitive processes of unemployment, acquisition of adults and professional skills, lifelong guidance. In parallel, he is course director of the Master in Psychology: Evaluation and Assessement and the Master in Mediation. Finally, he is member of the Management Centre for University-level Continuing and Professional Education “Competence Centre”.

He is also co-director of the journal Orientation Scolaire et Professionnelle and member of different scientific panels (e.g. World Mediation Forum, International Days of Differential Psychology). Previously, he was the European editor of the international review Mesure et Evaluation en Education, (Adméé) and the chairman of the scientific committee of the FREREF 

He has several partnerships with international universities: University of Lorraine (France), University Lyon2 (France), CNAM Paris (France), University Paris Descartes (France), University Laval (Canada), University of Montreal (Canada), University of Sherbrooke at Montreal (Canada), University of Murcia (Spain), University of Braga (Portugal). 

He lectures on cognitive and differential psychology, scientific methodology and statistics, lifelong competencies, and social mediation. He has been tutor of about 15 doctoral theses. 

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Research interests
Cognition and cognitive sciences
Differential psychology
Cognitive processes of unemployment
Creativity and Intelligence
Adults and professional competencies evaluation
Lifelong learning
Lifelong guidance
Mediation and conflicts resolution

Latest content Claude Houssemand took part in

Education & Social Work
Investigating student’s learning satisfaction and well-being in the context of imposed remote teaching during the COVID-19 crisis
The department of Education and Social work launches a survey to better understand the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on student’s learning ability. This survey will be disseminated to all the students of the University of Luxembourg. The findings will help researchers to gain useful insights into weaknesses and strengths of imposed remote teaching.