I am a senior postdoc working in the fields psychology and neuroscience at the Compulsive and Addictive behaviors Lab (ACB-Lab; Institute for Health and Behaviour). My research focuses on how rewarding activities and habits are involved in the development and maintenance of psychopathological states (for example addiction), peak performance (for example elite sport), as well as optimal habits, such as pro-environmental behaviour.

My main project - BETHAB - focuses on sports betting (FNR CORE Junior Track). This project capitalises on neuroimaging techniques in order to identify key affective and cognitive control processes that are triggered when individuals are exposed to cues that signal the availability of a reward, such as an opportunity to gamble. My work especially aims to foster the progress towards efficient treatment and prevention of gambling disorder.

Ultimately, my research aims to determine how self-control processes unfold when exposed to repeated and continuous access to hedonic content - 'get', 'like', 'bet', 'match', 'rsvp', 'going', 'interested'. This dynamic also encompasses the implementation of healthy and advantageous habits in young adults, including pro environmental behaviors (e.g., zero waste habits).


Research interests
Clinical Psychology

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Behavioural & Cognitive Sciences
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Behavioural & Cognitive Sciences
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