David Howarth joined the University of Luxembourg in September 2012. He was Head of the Institute of Political Science from 2013-2019. He is a founding member of the University of Luxembourg's Robert Schuman Initiative, since 2016 a leading interdisciplinary centre for study of European Union affairs and recognized and funded twice by the EU Commission as a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. From September 2018, he has been Head of the Robert Schuman Initiative / Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in Luxembourg. Since 2015, Professor Howarth has been one of the co-editors of the UACES / Routledge Contemporary European Studies book series, one of the leading series focused on European integration and the European Union.

Professor Howarth is the author or co-author of four monographs, a textbook, over fifty peer reviewed journal articles and numerous book chapters on European political economy topics and specifically financial regulation and Economic and Monetary Union. He has also edited or co-edited thirteen journal special editions and six books on these topics. He has won a number of research grants to fund his research including, most recently, an FNR CORE grant to fund research into European Banking Union / the Single Supervisory Mechanism.
Peviously, Professor Howarth was selected as a Jean Monnet Chair in 2008 and ran the University of Edinburgh's Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence from 2010. David Howarth remains an Honorary Fellow in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Edinburgh. He was an elected member of the UACES Committee (UK ECSA) (2005-08) and the Co-Chair of the European Union Studies Association (US) Political Economy section (2005-09). In addition to his academic work, Professor Howarth wrote for the Economist Intelligence Unit on European and French economic topics for a decade (until 2013).
His research areas are:
•    The political economy of European integration (and specifically Economic and Monetary Union and Banking Union)
•    European Union / euro area economic governance
•    The comparative political economy of financial (and notably banking) systems
•    International, European Union and national financial (and notably banking) regulation
•    The politics and political economy of international capital liberalisation

Research interests
Political Economy
European Economic
European integration
Financial regulation
Banking Systems