David Peleman graduated at Ghent University in 2003 as an engineer-architect with a particular interest in theory and history of urbanism and urbanization. From 2005 until 2019 he worked as doctoral and post-doctoral assistant at Ghent University, where he was involved in various research projects at Labo S on the intersection between urbanization, architecture and landscape, on which he has published in OASE, A+, Journal of architecture, Landscape Research. In 2013 he obtained his doctoral degree at Ghent University with a thesis entitled ‘Les Hommes de la Route. Engineering the Urban Society of the Modern Road in Belgium, 1889-1962’, on the role of engineers as cultural actors in the process of urbanisation.

As postdoctoral researcher he lectured the course ‘Theory of Urban Design’ and his research 'The Laborious Landscape' dealt with the historical interaction between, industrialisation, urbanisation and labour in Belgium. Between 2016 and 2018 he was associate lecturer in urbanism at the Ecole d'Architecture, de la Ville et des Territoires de Marne-la-Vallée and member of the research laboratory OCS (Observatoire de la Condition Suburbaine). Since 2018 he is a member of the editorial board of OASE Journal for Architecture.

David Peleman joined the University of Luxembourg as Post-doctoral fellow in 2020. He is involved in the project for IBA Alzette-Belval where he co-develops a future transboundary IBA program for the Esch-Belval region (France/Luxembourg), focusing on the political topicality of affordable living. 


Research interests
Urban History
Urban Theory
Urban Planning