Džoen joined the research project COMPARE (Collaboration with Parents and Multiliteracies in Early Childhood Education) as a post-doctoral researcher in March 2021. The project is led by Associate Professor Dr Claudine Kirsch and funded by the National Research Fund (FNR), the Ministry of Education (MENJE) and the National Youth Service (SNJ). She focuses on the experiences and perspectives of collaboration between parents and educators of three different crèches.

She previously worked on the project TRANSLA (Translanguaging Programme for Teachers Working with Language Minority Preschool Children) led by Dr Gabrijela Aleksić and funded by the National Research Fund (FNR).

She is generally heavily interested in research analysing and trying to influence social injustice, especially from a philosophical point of view, leading her to obtain a PhD in Philosophy on the subject of recognition and the experiences of the Croatian People.

Research interests
Early Childhood
Social Justice