Fernand Anton has been a professor of biological psychology at the University of Luxembourg since its foundation. His research activities are devoted to psychobiological and neurophysiological mechanisms of pain processing and modulation.

After psychological studies at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) he obtained a doctoral degree (PhD) from the same university in 1983. He then spent a period of neurophysiological training and postdoctoral research at the medical faculty of the University of Heidelberg (Germany) before moving to the National Institutes of Health  (Bethesda, USA) where he was a postdoctoral visiting scientist for a period of 2 years.

Before coming back to Luxembourg to join the "Centre de Recherche Public-Sant" and the "Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg" he was an assistant professor (Akademischer Rat a.Z.) at the medical faculty of the university of Erlangen-Nuremberg where he obtained his habilitation (Privatdozent, Dr. med. habil) in 1994. In the year  2000 he joined the  "Centre Universitaire de Luxembourg" which was integrated into the University of Luxembourg in 2003.


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Behavioural & Cognitive Sciences
How does pain change with age?
The impact of ageing on the way pain is processed is not yet clearly understood. We are looking at brain activity to examine the way psychological factors can modulate pain in young and older people. A fuller understanding of the way pain perception changes when we get older may lead to better treatment strategies targeted towards older adults.