Florian Krieger is a Postdoctoral Researcher within the Computer-Based Assessment research group at the University of Luxembourg. He holds a PhD in Psychology from the Saarland University, Germany, and works in the interface of cognitive, differential, and education psychology. Specifically, Florian investigates higher-order thinking skills and competencies, how they are related to basic cognitive processes, how they can be assessed, and how they can be facilitated in (computer-based) intervention programs. He is mainly focusing on individual and collaborative problem solving, intelligence, and working memory. Currently, Florian co-supervises the TRIOPS project and investigates how cognitive and metacognitive processes can be enhanced to master complex, uncertain situations in the 21st century. He has published in various high-ranking journals and has a regular record of ad hoc reviewing for multiple journals.

Research interests
Computer-based interventions
Individual differences
Personality Research
Problem Solving
Psychological Assessment
Working Memory