Rivera Cosme

As a PhD student at the Institut de langue et de littératures luxembourgeoises, my main research areas currently comprise language standardization, language ideologies, language policy, regional and small languages, Critical Discourse Analysis, and linguistic justice. I have great interest in finding the links between the different theoretical frameworks of sociolinguistics and political philosophy, as well as in the debate on normativity and how it applies to linguistic justice and language policy.   

Under the supervision of Dr. Mélanie Wagner, my research project looks at, on the one hand, the developing language policies on Luxembourgish in Luxembourg (as a language in the process of standardization), and on the other hand, the language policies on German in the German-speaking community of Belgium. I seek to analyze the salience of the standard language ideology in the different policy processes, from the creation of language policies by the various policymakers and social actors, to the implementation of the policies by language teachers.

Research interests
Political Philosophy
Language Standardization
Language Ideologies
Regional and Small Languages
Critical Discourse Analysis
Linguistic Justice