Since 2003 I am Full Professor at the University of Luxembourg. I direct a research group on aggression, especially violence in school and cyberbullying, as well as approaches to health promotion. I have been project manager of national and international scientific projects on violence in school and anger.

I authored and co-authored more than 80 papers in international journals and books and I am the editor or co-editor of 18 books. I co-chaired COST Action IS0801 on Cyberbullying.

Research interests
Emotion Regulation
Health Promotion

Latest content Georges Steffgen took part in

Behavioural & Cognitive Sciences
The influence of the physical environment on student satisfaction
Learning environments continuously evolve from beyond the mere physical to the digital space. However, research shows that the physical learning environment can positively affect students’ satisfaction and their general well-being. University of Luxembourg researchers Dr. Andreia Pinto Costa and Prof. Dr. Georges Steffgen explore how students’ satisfaction with their physical environment is connected to students’ satisfaction with their learning environment in the context of the move to a new modern campus.
Behavioural & Cognitive Sciences
How can emotions and multilingualism influence the school success of children with autism?
Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) tend to have poorer school results than their capacities would predict. Why is that? What can we do to tackle this problem? The ASA project aims to address these questions.
Behavioural & Cognitive Sciences
Subjective well-being and identity construal in a changing world (SWITCH)
The increased diversification of populations has raised concerns regarding the ability of European societies to retain their identity. However, we know very little about the process of identity formation at the individual level in a diverse and multicultural context. The SWITCH research project looks into Luxembourg’s exceptional multicultural context to understand how, when and why nationality and origin become a salient part of identity construal.