Gian Maria

Born in 1977, Classical studies in Bologna (Italy), then Media studies, Communication and Semiotics in Bologna, Limoges (France), Montreal (Canada). PhD in Semiotics of Cinema in 2007. Post-doc and then senior lecturer/assistant prof in Luxembourg in 2011. Visiting prof in Bordeaux (France) and Milan (Italy).
Co-funder and -director of the peer-review journal Signata, annales des sémiotiques/Annals of Semiotics, supported by the FNRS (Belgium) and of the book series “Sigilla” for the Presses Universitaires de Liège (Belgium).

Co-programmer for the Cinémathèque of Luxembourg, notably for the yearly “Université Populaire du Cinéma”, and for the Casino Luxembourg – Forum of contemporary art, notably for the yearly “Forum arts, médias & société”. Also teacher at the technical school of cinema (BTS) in Luxembourg.
Main books cover Visual and Media studies, including Museum Studies and Aesthetics, as well as Semiotics and Language approaches, all of which are editions: Médias et médiations culturelles au Luxembourg (= Media & Cultural Mediations in Luxembourg), Binsfeld, 2011; Parlons musée! Panorama des theories et des pratiques (= Let’s Talk About Museum ! A Theoretical and Practical Overview), Binsfeld, 2014 ; L’énonciation aujourd’hui. Un concept clé des sciences du langage (= Enunciation Today. A Key Concept for Language Studies), Lambert Lucas, 2016 ; Comprendre la mise en abyme. Arts et médias au second degré (= Understanding the Mise-en-abyme. Art & Media Squared), PUR, 2019 ; La question du re- (Questioning Repetitions, Reproductions, and Reprises), Mimésis, 2020. Ongoing monography on Film Analysis.

Research interests
Visual Studies