Hannes Fraissler is currently Prof. Frank Hofmann’s assistant at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Luxembourg. He pursues a PhD project about the relation between thought and language, also supervised by Prof. Hofmann. Mr. Fraissler’s areas of interest lie in theoretical philosophy and comprise especially philosophy of language, metaphysics, and logic – although there is hardly a field in philosophy Mr. Fraissler cannot find any interest in. He enjoys philosophical puzzles and the wild diversity in philosophical approaches, topics, and positions just as much as he appreciates methodological rigor and clarity – values he also strives to emphasize in his teaching.

Before taking up the position at the University of Luxembourg in 2017, Mr. Fraissler studied philosophy at the University of Graz (Austria). He worked in the sub-department for History of Philosophy and concluded his studies with a thesis about Saul Kripke (who has a place among his philosophical heroes). Before turning to philosophy, Mr. Fraissler was trained in computing and programming; an educational route he left behind without remorse (neither for having pursued it, nor for having given it up). Apart from his academic interests, Mr. Fraissler is a science fiction and coffee enthusiast, and a petless cat person.

Research interests
Philosophy of Language
Semantic Externalism
Early Modern Philosophy
Personal Identity