Pit-ten Cate

Ineke Pit-ten Cate, PhD, studied both experimental Psychology and Pedagogy in the Netherlands and worked clinically and academically in different international settings. Since joining the University in Luxembourg in 2011, she has been involved in teaching and research concerning the diagnostic competence and attitudes of teachers with a specific focus on students with different academic, linguistic, social and behavioral profiles.

To this extent her research has focused on factors affecting student performance and the implementation of inclusive education, especially in consideration of challenges associated with a increasingly heterogeneous student population and the identification of special educational needs.

Research interests
Special Needs
Social Cognition

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Diagnosing learning disabilities in multilingual contexts
The handbook “Lernstörungen im multilingualen Kontext: Diagnose und Hilfestellungen” is the first result of a joint collaboration between the University of Luxembourg and the Centre pour le développement des apprentissages Grande-Duchesse Maria Teresa (CDA) and focuses on the results of a study of the (standardised) assessment tools currently used in Luxembourg to diagnose specific learning disorders. The results of the study are based on interviews and questionnaire data collected from practitioners at the local, regional and national levels.