de Saint-Georges

I am an Associate Professor at the University of Luxembourg and a member of the Institute for Research on Multilingualism. I am a sociolinguist by training, but I engage in transdisciplinary research (drawing from anthropology, sociology, sociocultural psychology, social semiotics or the history of sciences).

Within this transdisciplinary framework, I investigate questions related to work, learning, language and education. I find that writing, research and teaching offer me useful lenses to explore and understand various aspects of social life and relations.

Methodologically, I am especially interested in using nexus analysis, ethnography, and multimodal discourse analytical tools to work out stakes in the important debates of our times.
The issues I currently look at include, for example:

  • Epistemology and methodology: What are the conditions for an inter/transdisciplinary dialogue? How do we operate across values and methods in order to do research with a societal impact?
  • Mutilingualism and migration: What does it mean to teach, learn, work or live in conditions of heightened diversity and mobility? What are conditions for more just and convivial classrooms in higher education, primary school or vocational education?
  • Work: What are changing discourses in/around/about work and training? What are new meanings of work in the current context of technological development? What are relations between language and (un) employment?
Research interests
Work and Vocational Education
Multimodal Discourse Analysis
Nexus Analysis