Dr. Irina Gewinner is operational head of the Project EUROstudent VII Luxembourg and is responsible for a census of students enrolled in Luxembourgish higher education institutions. Together with the team around Prof. Andreas Hadjar, she analyses students' study and living conditions, international mobility and educational trajectories.

Irina obtained her PhD from the Leibniz Universität Hannover, and certificate in didactics from the University of Bamberg, Germany. She works comparatively using mixed-methods of social research.

Her interests include education, career choices and social inequalities, mobility of students and scholars, as well as work-life balance under consideration of individual family structures, organisational gender cultures and geographical contexts. 

Research interests
Social Inequalities
Careers & Leadership

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Social Sciences
Eurostudent VII : Students’ Study and Living Conditions in Luxembourg
In Luxembourg, education policymakers are missing key information regarding higher education students. To address this shortcoming, the University of Luxembourg is taking part in the International Eurostudent project. The goal of this European initiative is to collect information on the social dimension of European higher education to compare it across all participating countries.