Ivana Paccoud is a PhD candidate in social science at the University of Luxembourg. She obtained her MA degree in Health and Social policy at London Metropolitan University, and has a B.A in Social policy from the University of Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia. Prior to starting her doctoral studies, she worked at a number of charitable organisations on issues related to health.

Her academic interests are in the fields of health inequalities, access to health care and migrant health.

Her PhD project is examining the importance of Bourdieu’s economic, cultural and social capitals for the optimal use of health care services. In addition, she is involved in a research project which aims to evaluate the current usage, and the potential user preference, of patient electronic health records in the Greater Region of Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Germany (INTERREG-APPS).She is also a Member of the Health Literacy and Self-care Committee in the 4th Edition of the European Health Parliament.

Research interests
Health Inequalities
Access to Health Care
Migrant Health
Social Medicine
Social Epidemiology
Population Health