Jordanne Edwards is a doctoral researcher at the Institute for Social Research and Interventions at the University of Luxembourg, since February 2021. Before joining the department, she specialised in Anti-Oppressive and Generalist Social work practices, earning her Bachelor’s degree from the University of the West Indies and Ryerson University.

She then went on to work in social justice and human rights development programmes in Jamaica, and later pursued her Masters in Advanced Development in Social Work across five European universities, funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme.

Influenced by her globalised practice and research with various NGOs, government and international agencies including UNESCO and UNICEF, Jordanne is interested in helping to develop critical and innovative intervention strategies and theories that advance international development discourses and practices. 

Drawing on qualitative research methods, namely ethnography and discourse analysis, her Masters thesis analysed emerging concepts of social trauma and healing in community work with LGBTQ+ folks and asylum seekers in Paris. She hopes to further explore and develop both concepts in her dissertation which focuses on the intersection of socio-political trauma, social justice and healing within community development work. 

Research interests
Socio-Political Trauma
Social Justice
Community Healing
Intervention Strategies
Anti-Oppressive Practice
Visual Studies