Ros Cuellar

Julia Ros Cuéllar holds a bachelor’s in biology (University of Veracruz, Mexico) and a MSc in Conservation and Natural Resource Management (Institute of Ecology, A.C., Veracruz, Mexico). She has participated in diverse research international projects: iGamma project (Inecol) on Big Data for Environmental Decision making and policy coherence for sustainable development, Cross border region Mexico- Guatemala: migration dynamics and support networks and Conflicts over water: social networks in ecosystem payments and social movements.

Currently PhD candidate and researcher at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, member of the Regional Integration and Social Cohesion-Social Elevation research Consortium (RISC-RISE) and editorial production manager of Regions & Cohesion, the RISC-RISE Open Access international journal.

Her research interests are policy coherence for sustainability, social-ecological systems, resilience and implementation and assessment of the Doughnut Model (Raworth, 2017), as well as migration dynamics and social network analysis. Enthusiastic about collaboration between researchers, policy makers and civil society for social equity and nature conservation, her aim is to participate in joint policy discussions and design.

She has coauthored peer reviewed papers on multifunctional landscapes and multilevel governance and natural resources management, as well as a book chapter on migrants support networks in cross border regions.

Research interests
Sustainability and Resilience
Policy Coherence for Development
Social-ecological Systems
Social Network Analysis
Environmental Governance
Migration Networks