I am an Assistant Professor in Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching at the University of Luxembourg, where I am also Vice-head of the Institute of English Studies and Head of English at the Language Centre.

I have previously worked at universities in Belgium, the UK, and Vietnam. My educational background is in applied and theoretical linguistics, speech and language therapy and pathology, and teacher training. My PhD (2013) reports on how lecturers signal the relative importance of the points they make in a large lecture corpus (the British Academic Spoken English corpus).

As a corpus linguist and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) practitioner and researcher, my research and supervision expertise include lecture discourse, metadiscourse, authenticity in language learning materials, English medium instruction (EMI) lecturer training, academic listening skills, multilingual pedagogy, academic writing across languages, and Luxembourgish English.

My research has been published in leading journals such as 'Applied Linguistics', 'Journal of Pragmatics', 'English for Specific Purposes', and 'Journal of English for Academic Purposes'. I have also authored two books on research article writing and am co-editor of 'Academic writing across languages: multilingual and contrastive approaches in higher education', which is part of a series by Böhlau Verlag on academic and professional writing.

Research interests
Lecture Discourse
Corpus Linguistics
English for Academic Purposes
English Medium Instruction
Academic Listening Skills
Academic Writing