Katarzyna Bobrowicz was awarded her PhD in Cognitive Science at Lund University in 2019, and holds a Master’s degree in Psychology, having graduated from University of Warsaw in 2015. Prior to joining the University of Luxembourg in October 2021, she held a post-doctoral position at Lund University, where she was combining comparative and developmental psychological expertise. In Luxembourg, Katarzyna focuses on the Development of Problem Solving, Early Childhood Education and Assessment.


Katarzyna is currently collaborating with the Department of Philosophy and Cognitive Science at Lund University (Sweden), Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences at Aarhus University (Denmark), University of Burgundy (France) and the Geary Insitute of Public Policy at University College Dublin (Ireland). She has been a member of international networks concerned with developmental and educational psychology.


She coordinates the PISA 2025 Team at the University of Luxembourg and is actively publishing and reviewing for several journals. In the past, she was engaged in the departmental Equal Opportunities Group in Lund and, thereafter, served as a postdoctoral representative in the departmental Women in Science Group. Katarzyna has also been actively engaged in the applied and entrepreneurial side of her research, as well as popularization activities.

Research interests
Cognitive Development,
Problem Solving
Early Childhood Education
Educational Policy
Memory Flexibility
Comparative Psychology
Animal Cognition