Since 01/2016 Scientific Researcher for "law and culture" at University of Luxembourg

2018-2019: Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Nantes, France

2012-2015: PhD at University of Luxembourg and University Paris-Sorbonne, under supervision of Prof. Georg Mein (Luxembourg) and Prof. Gérard Raulet (Paris-Sorbonne): "Zwischen Norm und Chaos: Literatur als Stimme des Rechts. Legendre, Kafka, Hoffmann."

Autumn 2013: Visiting instructor at Duke University, Durham, NC, USA.

2012: Translation of Pierre Legendre's Le désir politique de Dieu (Das Politische Begehren Gottes, Turia + Kant).

2010-2012: Translator at law firm in Paris

2010: MA in German & Romance Studies - University Paris-Sorbonne
2008: BA in German & Romance Studies - University Friedrich-Wilhelm Bonn & Paris-Sorbonne

2000-2005: Law Studies at University Trier & University Friedrich-Wilhelms Bonn

Research interests
Law and Culture
New Technologies - Philosophy / Ethics
Law and Literature
Cultural Theory
Legal Philosophy

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Faculty Blog
TOPAS@home – It smells, therefore you and I are
Working with theoretical texts is just as important for most scholars as personal exchange. The TOPAS reading and discussion forum shows how both can be successfully combined in times of remote work, and that this setup can even reveal something fundamental about the human relationship to the world
Border Complexities
If border were once only perceived as markers of territorial relationships, this definition is no longer sufficient. The recent societal developments and the increased need for knowledge regarding their dynamics require a more comprehensive approach. This methodological shift registered in border studies, aims at describing and investigating borders in more complex ways. The University of Luxembourg launches a workshop focusing on border complexities to conceptualise and discuss them in a five-part series from different disciplinary and thematically angles.