Simoes Loureiro

Kevin Simoes Loureiro is a doctoral researcher at the University of Luxembourg in the doctoral training unit CALIDIE (Capitalising on Linguistic Diversity in Education) and a member of the DSOC (Department of Social Sciences) department, holding a Bachelor degree in Social- and Organizational Pedagogy from the University of Trier, and a Master degree in Social Sciences and Educational Sciences from the University of Luxembourg. As a research assistant during his master studies and as a research and development specialist after graduating, Kevin was involved in an international mixed-method study – SASAL (School Alienation in Switzerland and Luxembourg) – in the team of Prof. Dr. Andreas Hadjar. His research interests involve educational systems, multilingual education, language educational policy, social and educational inequalities and students’ well-being.

As a doctoral candidate of Prof. Dr. Andreas Hadjar, his doctoral thesis builds on a policy field analysis regarding the implementation of the plurilingual education policy in Luxembourg in non-formal early childhood and care facilities, using a mixed-method approach. By confronting perspectives from policy and practice level experts, the focus of this study lies in the role of reducing educational inequalities by implementing the education language policy.

Research interests
Educational systems
Multilingual education
Language educational policy
Social and educational inequalities
Students’ well-being
Early childhood and care
Structure and agency perspective

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