Doctoral researcher in social sciences, Kristina Hondrila investigates the interplay between formal and informal governance in relation to water challenges in two river basins in Luxembourg, with a focus on social learning processes across places, scales and time. Her case studies offer insights into the complexity, contradictions and uncertainties that shape practice and policy-making at the nexus of water, nature and land. The overall objective is to better understand factors that facilitate self-organisation and actions for transformative change towards sustainability. Based on the findings, she develops an analytical framework on actionable knowledge that is applicable to the design, implementation and evaluation of collaborative processes that promote social learning to address water challenges.

Her research is part of the project ´NEXUS FUTURES – Anticipating challenges at the nexus of Luxembourg´s water and land systems´ that is led by Ariane König and co-funded by the environment ministry. A pioneering example of transformative research in Luxembourg, the project develops collaborative methods to analyse complex water system dynamics from diverse stakeholder perspectives.

Kristina Hondrila draws on 15 years of professional experience with EU projects in university, NGO and online media settings. She holds degrees in European Studies (KU Leuven), Modern Culture (Copenhagen University) and Philosophy (Roskilde University) and has completed the UL Certificate in Sustainable Development and Social Innovation.

Research interests
Social Learning