Lise Landrin is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in Geography for the project REMIX PLACE in the framework of “Esch 2022”. She holds two master’s degree in Geography and Philosophy from the University of Grenoble Alpes University and a PhD in Geography titled “Staging the stakes: an inquiry into rural Nepal through theater”/ “Se mettre en jeu: enquêter dans le Népal rural par la théâtre déclencheur”.

Her research focuses on the relationship between geography, performing arts and spaces of everyday life. Inspired by feminist epistemologies and questioning power relations in the knowledge production, she chooses theater and creation-research as a mean to collectively build research data. Theater as a methodology enable people to express themselves in a new language, encouraging them to analyze and transform the oppressions. Her PHD axes in a specific case study in the rural Nepal with the stage director Pariksha Lamichhane where groups of women as well as groups of teenagers have participated to several theater workshop between 2017 and 2019. Lise also belong to Ru’elles theater company in Grenoble where she develops the concept of “Triggering Theater”/ “le théâtre déclencheur” with Julie Arménio. As a matter of fact, her passion goes on the link between research, participation and performative arts.

Currently postdoctoral research in University of Luxembourg, she joined the program Remix Place with Estelle Evrard to engage a cross-disciplinary research. Remix Place engages a group of seven people composed by researchers in geography, researchers in theater studies and artists. Together they investigate the way people feel attached to places in the cross-border area between Luxembourg and France in the territory of Esch 2022. This participatory and creation research will lead them to build scientific analysis as well as a theater play (July 2022) and an exhibition (June-September 2022).

Aside these research interests, Lise has spent five years teaching in Grenoble Alpes university from Bachelor to master’s degrees. Her teaching experience cover different programs including human geography, social sciences, urban studies, international development studies, land planning, introduction to mapping and theater workshop.

Research interests
Theater as Methodology
Emotional Geography and Embodied Anthropology
Participatory Action Research
Feminist Epistemologies and Situated Knowledge
Rural Nepal
Post-Industrial Spaces
Ethics of Fieldwork