Liyousew Borga is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Luxembourg.

His research interest lies in applied econometrics, mainly labor and development economics. He is particularly interested in the early origins and evolution of health and human capital; the role of intrahousehold resource allocation, and the measurement of poverty and vulnerability. The aim is to understand the mechanisms through which effective policy interventions and optimal choices of investment can help mitigate inequalities and promote health and human capital development.

His current research evaluates the medium and longer run effects of three large scale social protection (SP) programs in three developing countries to identify the role of the SP programs in protecting the basic levels of wellbeing among vulnerable households, and how well the programs facilitate investment in productive assets.

Research interests
Skill Formation
Intrahousehold Allocation
Social Protection
Child Development

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Behavioural & Cognitive Sciences
PANDEMIC Pandora's Box: The demographic, Economic, Social and Psychological impact of COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world. The experiences we have had since the onset of the pandemic have affected us in many ways. The pandemic killed, but has also had a profound impact on the organization of employment and work, our behaviour, social dynamics and mental health. These effects have not been equal, being felt by some groups and societies much more than others.