Manou Laure

Manou Flammang completed the Bachelor in Social and Educative Sciences at the University of Luxembourg, and the Master in Social Work at the Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur in Leipzig. She has a state license to work as a social worker in Luxembourg and in Germany.

In Berlin, she was active in community development and worked in a shelter for survivors of human trafficking. In Luxembourg, she has worked in a shelter for homeless people, and as a counselor in adult education.

Currently she works for the PraxisBüro in the Department of Education and Social Work at the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences of the University of Luxembourg. Her activities include research, project coordination and the promotion of networking platforms in the social work field. Furthermore, she teaches at the Bachelor level, and in further education programs. She also tutors students during for their mandatory internships.

In Leipzig, Manou Flammang has been active in the local Amnesty International student group. She is also a Co-Founder of the citizen’s initiative “Aktioun 200”. The main goal of the initiative is to provide homeless people with the necessary means to stay warm in winter. The initiative also strives to raise awareness for homelessness in Luxembourg.

Research interests
Social Work
Education and training
Labor market
Working conditions
Professional ethics