I have worked at the University of Luxembourg since July 2006 an am currently holding the position of assistant professor in Sociolinguistics. Prior to my move to the Institute of Luxembourgish langage and literatures, I worked at the University of Aberystwyth, Great Britain, as a German language tutor while finalizing my PhD. My PhD consisted of a study into lay people's perceptions of language variation, more precisely of schools teachers' attitudes towards language variation and their perception and mastery of the standard language norm. This study was conducted with teachers and pupils from schools in the Moselle Franconian dialect area around Trier. 

At the University of Luxembourg, I have continued working in areas of language perception and conducted research in the areas of historical as well as contemporary sociolinguistics. Research projects have for example covered a study of Luxembourgish second world war letters, language ideologies on Facebook or the status of German at Luxembourgish schools. 

In spring 2014, I was a vacataire at the University of Namur and since June 2016 I have been a Member of the Council of Regional and Minority Languages at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.
My research interests lie in the area of multilingualism, language planning and policy, language choice, language attitudes as well as of literacy. 

Research interests
Language planning and policy
Language attitudes
Language choice
Language teaching