Michel Margue is the Head of the Institute for History. He studied history, art history and geography at the universities of Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Brussels and is currently a professor for Medieval History at the University of Luxembourg. He took his PhD as an assistant at the ULB in 1999 and specialised in foundational historical sciences, regional history, iconographic analyses, historiography and memory studies.

Michel Margue’s research covers subjects of social, cultural and political history of Lotharingia and the medieval West in general (10th – 14th century), dealing with negotiation and representation of power, institutional development, writing and governance, discourses of monastic, chivalric and territorial identities, memory and uses of the medieval past.

He was Dean of the Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education (2008-2012) and Senior Advisor of the President for Multilingualism and Evaluation (2013-2017). He is currently the head of the project « Regesta Imperii – Regesten Heinrichs VII. 1308-1313 » at the Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz.

Research interests
Memory studies
Middle Ages

Latest content Michel Margue took part in

FEMPOW – Female power. The ruling practices of royal consorts descending from the House of Luxembourg (1292-1442)
The Regesta Imperii are a monument of scholarship that goes back to 1829. More than 100 volumes of medieval documents relating to the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire have been published (since 2001 also online). But these were all about male rulers.
The Europe of the Luxembourg Dynasty. Governance, Delegation and Participation between Region and Empire
From 1308 to 1437, the House of Luxembourg ruled over a vast collection of diverse and scattered territories in the Empire. The LUXDYNAST research project aims to provide the first global assessment of the administration of this composite monarchy, the so-called Europe of the Luxembourg dynasty.