I joined the Institute for Health and Behaviour within the research unit INSIDE as a PhD student under the supervision of Assistant professor André Melzer and work in the research group Health Promotion and Aggression Prevention led by Professor Georges Steffgen.

My Bachelor studies in Psychology I did partly at the FernUniversität in Hagen in Germany and completed my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Luxembourg, where I went on to get my Master of Science in Psychology: Psychological Intervention (clinical domain) as well. My Bachelor’s thesis dealt with the effect of early childhood adversity on social affiliation behaviour, while my Master’s thesis was focused on the role of intolerance of uncertainty in pain categorisation.

In my doctoral project, I investigates the causes and effects of, as well as the interactions between different types of gender stereotypes, with a specific focus on cross cultural comparisons and modern media as influencing factor and context of stereotypes.
As part of my doctoral project I am involved in multiple cross-cultural collaborative studies, as well as a collaboration with the Luxembourgish Ministry of Equality between Women and Men.

Research interests
Social Media
Gender Role Attitudes
Social Psychology
Media Psychology

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MediaCentre creates a webtalks series with the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men
The pandemic forces us to be creative. Instead of cancelling her event planned with the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men, Miriam-Linnea Hale transformed it into a webtalks series with he support of the MediaCentre.