Nathalie Entringer started her PhD at the Institute of Luxembourgish Language and Literature Studies in 2018.
In her dissertation project "Luxembourgish between variation and standardisation. A variational and perceptual linguistic study" (draft title), she investigates, on the one hand, the variation of certain morphological features in Luxembourgish and, on the other hand, the speaker's perception of the used variants. This combination of variational and perceptual linguistic questions allows us to learn more about the morphological variation itself and its status in the norm horizon of the speakers. (Supervision: Prof. Dr. Peter Gilles)

She is also involved in the research project: "Schnëssen - Är Sprooch fir d'Fuerschung".

Research interests
Language Variation
Language Change

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Schnëssen – Crowdsourcing variation and change in spoken Luxembourgish
Luxembourgish is a young and growing language with a high amount of sociolinguistic variation that is currently undergoing a process of standardisation. The aim of the Schnëssen project is to survey this variation using crowdsourced data from a mobile research application.