Prof. Dr. Nathalie Roelens is professor in literary theory at the University of Luxembourg and member of the research unit "Identities, Politics, Societies, Spaces". She worked as a lecturer or a visiting professor in several universities (Antwerp, Louvain, Gand, Nijmegen).

At the University of Luxembourg, she is course director of the Master in Secondary Education, (French section). She has also been the spokesperson of the Key research Area (MIS: Migration and Intercultural Studies) for three years (2016-2018). Her recent works focus on travel literature, geocriticism and urban semiotics.

She published amongst other:

  • Le lecteur, ce voyeur absolu (1998), 433 p.,
  • Éloge du dépaysement. Du voyage au tourisme (2015), 238 p.

She edited or coedited the collectives:

  • Jacques Derrida et l'esthétique (2000),119 p.,
  • Homo orthopedicus (2001), 525 p.,
  • L'imaginaire de l'écran (2004), 264 p.,
  • Lire, écrire, pratiquer la ville (2016), 364 p.,
  • Visages. Histoires, représentations, créations, (2017) 410 p.,
  • Das Paradigma der Interkulturalität. Themen und Positionen in europäischen Literaturwissenschaften (2017), 197 p. 
  • Chorographies. La mise en discours de la ville (2017), 94 p.,
  • La sémiotique en interface (2018), 690 p., La sémiotique et son autre (2019), 654 p.

She is member of the international partnership Erasmus+ "Reading in Europe Today" and member of IAWIS (International Associate for Word & Image Studies) whose next triennial conference she will organize at the University of Luxembourg, entitled "Sea and Water in Word and Image" (5th-10th July 2020).


Research interests
Word and Image
Urban Semiotics
Water and Sea
Contemporary Philosophy
Reading Theories

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