Paul Milmeister graduated in Sociology at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium, in 2002. He acquired a postgraduate diploma (DEA) in social science at the same university in 2008. After being a researcher at the Studies Centre on Youth (CESIJE) in Luxembourg, he came to the University of Luxembourg in 2007.

In a first period he did research in the field of general youth sociology in Luxembourg (migration, mobility, poverty, NEETS) and contributed among others to the national reports on youth. Since 2012, he focuses on the domain of education on the national and international level, and is currently working at the Lifelong Learning and Guidance Institute (LLLG) in the Department of Education and Social Work. His main research areas are: evaluation in education systems, pedagogical monitoring systems, school climate and learning motivation, vocational education and training, and immigration with regard to education. He is a co-author of several national publications in the domains of youth and education and is a member of the “Association pour le Développement des Méthodologies d’Évaluation en Éducation” in Europe.

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Education & Social Work
Investigating student’s learning satisfaction and well-being in the context of imposed remote teaching during the COVID-19 crisis
The department of Education and Social work launches a survey to better understand the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on student’s learning ability. This survey will be disseminated to all the students of the University of Luxembourg. The findings will help researchers to gain useful insights into weaknesses and strengths of imposed remote teaching.