After my PhD at the University of Heidelberg and my PostDoc at the Universities of Hamburg and Freiburg in Breisgau, I am a professor for linguistics at the University of Luxembourg since 2006.

My main research topics include the linguistics and sociolinguistics of Luxembourgish. Recent research projects focus on the development of computational linguistic tools for a small language like Luxembourgish (automatic phonetic segmentation, automatic phonetic transcription, speech synthesis, sentiment analysis) as well as audio corpus building by using a dedicated smartphone application.

Research interests
Corpus Linguistics
Language Variation and Change

Latest content Peter Gilles took part in

Exploring linguistic landscapes around the globe
Language in the public sphere offers a great potential for surveying the sociocultural diversity and linguistic dynamics of modern societies. The Lingscape project of the department of Humanities aims to document and analyze public signage together with interested participants using a mobile research application
Schnëssen – Crowdsourcing variation and change in spoken Luxembourgish
Luxembourgish is a young and growing language with a high amount of sociolinguistic variation that is currently undergoing a process of standardisation. The aim of the Schnëssen project is to survey this variation using crowdsourced data from a mobile research application.