Petra Böwen works as a Senior Lecturer in the FLSHASE faculty. She studied Educational Sciences with an emphasis on adult education, social education and social work. She worked in Germany and Luxembourg for 25 years in the field of social and professional integration of disadvantaged people in the labor market and social policy interface; towards the end of this period, she worked with the Luxembourg Family Ministry. From 1992 - 2004, she taught at the I.E.E.S.(Institute d'Etude Sociales et Educatives) and, since 2004, in the Bachelor of Social and Educational Sciences at the

She is study director of the "Bachelor en Sciences Sociales et Educatives en cours d'emploi" and the "Zertifikat LernCoaching".

Since 2014 she leads the PraxisBüro. It is an interface and transfer center between the university and social work in practice and politics. It offers information, consultation and support for students, university staff, professionals, politicians and the general public on new development and challenges associated with social work. In this, the office builds bridges between all these participants and promotes cooperation and networking. It's the national platform of social work in Luxembourg.

Petra Böwen is actively engaged in ongoing research an practical projets: Issues and challenges between theory, policy and practice of social work in Luxembourg. The labor market in the socio-educational field: inventory, needs and perspectives.


Research interests
Labor Market
Social Work
Socio-educational Field