I am a food sociologist and anthropologist. In 2008, I obtained my PhD in sociology at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS, Marseilles) and did my graduate studies in anthropology at the University Aix-Marseille 1, including an ERASMUS year at the Università La Sapienza in Rome.

I specialise in sustainable food practices, related to power, social and environmental justive, gender and identity issues as well as policy gaps and food literacy. I aim to combine a social practice approch to a dynamic systemic understanding of agri-food systems. With my interest in govermentality and changes of everyday practices within the transition towards a more circular economy, I am the principal investigator of Sustainable Food Practices, spanning Luxembourg’s foodscape from production, governance, distribution to consumption (https://food.uni.lu), at the Institute for History (https://history.uni.lu).

I supervise PhD-candidates on related topics and am also involved in various projects, such as enhancing regional products in public kitchens of the Greater Region (AROMA: European INTERREG funding), experimental research on consumer behavior in shopping premises (GreenBot: public-private partnership), or farm-level and food-system-level prospective analysis for Luxembourg (SustEATable: international team under the the lead of IBLA). I also conduct active policy work with the co-creation of a Food Policy Council for Luxembourg, as a multi-stakeholder discussion and negotiation group for more equitable food system alternatives.


Research interests
Sustainable Food Practices
Food Systems
Governmentality and Policy Gaps
Food Literacy
Sustainable Transitions and Participation
Social and Environmental Justice

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Geography & Spatial Planning
Luxembourg in Transition
A consortium of researchers and designers led by the “Geography & Spatial Planning” department at the University of Luxembourg is one of the 10 teams selected by the Ministry of Energy and Regional Planning to imagine the future of the country. The objective of the mission is clear: bring innovative ideas for a sustainable and resilient Grand Duchy.
Sustainable Food Practices
The food systems in developed countries is far from being sustainable nor fair and Luxembourg is no exception. The “Sustainable Food Practices” research project of the University of Luxembourg wants to promote sustainable practices within the national Foodscape.