Multilingualism is a central concept for my research, as I consider that there is no natural language setting without elements and phenomena related to multilingualism. My approach is situated in the fields of sociolinguistics  and ethnolinguistics. I am particularly interested in language contact phenomena in educational contexts seen in a broader view, from school (linguistic ecology of the classroom) to the family (family language policy). In addition, I consider the multilingual workplace as a setting which fosters the personal development with a high potential for language appropriation (learning and acquisition of new languages for special purposes).

My most important publications are from the field of creolistics and the study of contact languages in different geographic settings (Europe, Africa and the South Pacific). I try to communicate the findings of my research in different study programs on language awareness and intercultural communication I deliver to future teachers or future stakeholders of cultural activities in Luxembourg, Madagascar and Oceania.

I am a member of different research councils and it is with pleasure that I spend a lot of my time evaluating, advising and encouraging young researchers.

Research interests
Language Contact
Creole Studies
Language Ecology
Educational Linguistics
The Multilingual Workplace
Social Justice

Latest content Sabine Ehrhart took part in

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Interdisciplinary UniGR Center of Expertise at the University of Luxembourg
The University of the Greater Region (UniGR) has founded the first interdisciplinary centre of expertise for border research. It is a cross-border structure with border researchers from Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg, coordinated at the Department of Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Luxembour
Bilingualism Matters @ Luxembourg
The University of Luxembourg will host an international branch of Bilingualism Matters a research and information centre with headquarters at the University of Edinburgh and international partner branches all over the world.