Sébastien holds a PhD Researcher position at the Institute of Political Science. In his PhD, he examines the influence of financial interest groups in EU policy-making, focusing on the post-crisis reform of banks' capital requirements. Additionally, he is a member of the project Constructing European Banking Supervision, led by Professor David Howarth, and a part-time lecturer in the Master for European Affairs in the Sorbonne Université-Paris 4 (Paris).

Prior to joining the University of Luxembourg in September 2017, Sébastien worked as an academic assistant at the College of Europe (Bruges), in the Department of European Political and Governance Studies (08/2014-08/2017), and as a consultant in European affairs at Euralia (Brussels), where he specialized in financial regulation and supervision (03/2011-08/2014).

At the College of Europe, Sébastien carried out a range of academic as well as administrative tasks, including teaching modules in several courses of EU politics and political economy, tutoring, but also organising events and extra-curricular projects and activities for MA-level students. At Euralia, he was in charge of devising and carrying out lobbying strategies and activities for the firm's clients in the financial sector. His activities encompassed regulatory development in banking, asset management, securities markets and payment services.

In 2010, Sébastien graduated from Sciences-Po (Paris), after completing a BA in political science (2005-2008) and a MA in European affairs (2008-2010).

Research interests
Interest Goups
Business Power
Banking Regulation
Capital Requirements