Sercan Erer joined the Institute of Education and Society (InES) as a doctoral researcher in February 2021. His research interests revolve around education systems, educational policy and inequalities, psychosocial constructs in learning environments (mostly the sense of belonging), curriculum studies involving preservice and in-service teacher education, educational statistics, and scale construction in the affective domain.

Sercan gained his Bachelor of Science degree from the department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology at Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey. Besides becoming a founding member of the research group, Achievement Emotions and Motivation, and a member of the International Belonging Research Lab, he also holds a Master of Science degree with a Research Thesis titled “A Study of Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Preparedness Levels on Learning and Innovation Skills in a Research University” in Curriculum and Instruction at the department of Educational Sciences from METU.

Under the supervision of Prof. Andreas Hadjar, Sercan works on projects related to reflections of school and classroom variables on educational inequalities.