Steve Kass graduated in 2007 at the Institute for Geography of the Innsbruck University (Austria). He is specialised in EO & GIS operations and gained professional experience through different national and international projects working at DLR (Germany), EURAC (Italy) and GeoVille (Austria). Since 2016, he is working at the Institute of history for the Villux 10 ( project. His main research interests are geoinformatics, remote sensing and spatial analyses.

Research interests
Spatial analyses
Web mapping
Remote sensing
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Latest content Steve Kass took part in

LUXATLAS – The first digital and interactive historical Luxembourg town atlas
Imagine that you could travel into the city of Luxembourg’s past, at the touch of a screen. This experience is now possible, thanks to the website, developed by the VILLUX project. This University of Luxembourg project, co-financed by the City of Luxembourg, provides an interactive digital tool that traces the history of the city of Luxembourg and illustrates the stages of its development over the last 200 years.